Lookin cute before bed or just crazy, sleep deprived and bored from homework #latenight #LCinspiration #blondehair
This is my Sunday. How is yours?

Sam Claflin in InStyle’s #TIFF2014 Portrait Studio
There is still time to acknowledge this day for what it I I just had a friend try to kill himself and I am scared to death because I am miles away from him. If someone you love is acting different, saying worrisome things, or participating in usual and potentially harmful activities please talk to them.
Found this while on a random tumblr adventure. I love all my Prays!@courty_leigh20 @lisaraymondpray @prayskill1 #secondfamily
It was so cool to be at a Red Sox game inside legendary Fenway Park but it was even cooler that I was reunited with @xfritchesx !!!
Found this photo for you on Tumblr

xalluxia all I see for this game is Drake having to climb some big ass mountain and his old man ass climbing slower than a 90 year old man

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT HAVENITES! #Haven5 premiere has moved from 10/9c to 8/7c! The date is still Thursday, September 11. Spread this faster than the Troubles!