By far my favorite text from Carlo
I Had to Let Go…Then I Saw This


"Because if I let you go, I’d lose the half of me that was better. Because if I let you go, I’d lose the only thing I’ve believed in for a long time. Because if I let you go, I’d lose what little part of me is human. And in that case, I’d rather follow you down."


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Love & Misadventure is available online via Amazon, + The Book Depositoryand all good book stores worldwide. 
I moved on but apparently he didn’t. I couldn’t shut the door fast enough.

Fate brought them back together.
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I miss this boy so so much. This is from months ago but it was one of my favorite nights. We were in such a good place back then. Maybe some day he’ll come back?

I can’t wait to fall in love…real love. Love so strong that nothing will tear us from one another. I never want to stop trying to be with that person and I will never grow tired of him.

I will always choose him…whoever he is.

I know he is somewhere out there.

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I forgot to post this yesterday. My baby bro is learning how to drive. I feel so incredibly old. Maybe he heard that I  looking for a lifetime chauffeur and is taking one for the team by filling the position?! I’m accepting applications until 2050. I’m so proud of him for learning but now it’s one more reason to worry. Look out NY….my brother will be on the road soon.
My newest purchase. I created my own laptop cover for my deadly weapon of a computer. I’m so excited for this! #NerdAlert #Uncharted4 #obsessed
@laurenconrad needs no filter! She is so naturally gorgeous! Love you! You are my writer inspiration always! If I could pick one author I could collaborate with, I would pick you.
@laurenconrad is so right.
#throwbackthursday to the Pons Party. My bestie @courtyleighprayy and I. Love you 😘😘


being against gay marriage does in fact 100% make you homophobic sorry

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