So true. #fuckinrob is shaping up….let’s hope he keeps it up. He makes me 😊
@jamesfrancotv I’m at work so I can’t hold it to my face buuuuut here ya go. Please follow me. :)
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My favorite kind of email to receive on a Monday!!! I can sleep until 2 on Wednesday! #clutch #collegelife
My #mcm is @iansomerhalder because it has not been him in a while. This is one of his best scenes in season 5, I think, solely because it is a moment when Damon is completely vulnerable. He plays the heart sick vampire excellently.
#fuckinrob had Carlo and @courttneyleighh and I in giggles tonight. Ummm I’m pretty sure I do the activity I was in the middle of doing if I’m busy. Lmao. Gotta love this kid though. #highlife #literally